5 ways to blog from Thanet

Worth a read. Thanet Creative Writers talk about us in there list of places to blog in Thanet.

Thanet Creative Writers

Thanet Creative Writers is all about creating opportunities for Thanet’s many writers. Some of us writers occasionally feel like blogging.

Blogging for related sites can be a great way to get new links and generally increase exposure for a website you already have up and running. It can also be a good way to just blow off some verbal steam on an issue that has you feeling all worked up.

If the thought of setting up and running you own blog site is a bit off putting, there are other opportunities. At least, in Thanet there are.

Here are just a few places that you can submit your thoughts for publication. None of them are likely to get you paid (directly) but if you just want to get your stuff out there then this might be the list for you.

Thanet Star

Thanet Star is a blog that has been…

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Parliamentary Arithmetic for Dummies (Tory majority is a bit less slim than it looks)

Public Investigations

How big is the Tory majority? Most media commentary keeps getting the real number wrong, and here’s why.

The full results are as follows:

331 Cons

232 Lab

56 SNP

8 Lib Dem


4 SF

11 Others

650 Total

So on these numbers it looks like there are 331 Tories versus 319 “others” – a majority of 12 in a straight vote? No.

The 331 ‘Tories’ include the Speaker (John Bercow) and another Tory who will be elected as one of his deputies.

The 232 Labour includes 2 who will be elected as deputy speakers.

None of the above four vote, so that reduces the Tories to 329 and Labour to 230, and the number of voting MPs to 646.

The 4 Sinn Fein MPs also don’t vote, reducing the number of voting MPs to 642.

So of voting MPs there are 329 Tory MPs and 313 ‘others’ –…

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Up and Down

Thanet Star has been up and down a bit of late.

By that I mean that the server keeps going offline due to some seriously high demands being put on it often by cloud based servers from different parts of the world. I will leave it to you to speculate as to why.

The good news is that as of now we seem to have the problem pretty much taken care of. So hopefully we will not need to fall back to this site to keep you updated.

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Read this email exchange in which a local resident takes apart UKIP

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Here’s a recent email exchange between a local resident of Weymouth in Dorset Jason West and his local UKIP representative.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory:

school places UKIP 1

school places UKIP 2school places UKIP 3school places UKIP 4school places UKIP 5

Please feel free to comment. And please share. Thank you.


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Sonic vs The Black Knight

Only at somewhere like GEEK could you see Sonic fighting the Black Knight. We have more pictures of the fun at GEEK 2014 on our main site, FAcebook, TumblR and Pinterest pages. Gotta Catch ’em all, right.

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Margate Games on Friday at GEEK!


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The Coalition is creating serious problems and distracting you with phantoms

Which is why the Tory party has to go…

Vox Political


According to the beauty industry, women must now start deodorising under their breasts.

I kid you not – it was in The Guardian.

Columnist Jill Filipovic hit the nail on the head when she wrote: “I can already hear your objections: ‘But the area under my boobs doesn’t stink!’ or ‘What kind of marketing genius not only came up with the term “swoob,” but actually thought half the world’s population might be dumb enough to buy into it?’ or simply, ‘This is a dumb product aimed at inventing an insecurity and then claiming to cure it.’

“You would be correct on all three points.

“In fact, inventing problems with women’s bodies and then offering a cure – if you pay up – is the primary purpose of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry.”

The simple fact is that you don’t really need to worry about smells down there – a…

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