Good News for Thanet Star

For those of you following the story of we finally have some good news.

We have been speaking with the server providers and we have reduced the issue to a simple matter of money. As you know Thanet Star is run at the expense of the main editors with advertising revenue and occasional sponsorship helping out from time to time. This has left us lagging behind by about three months in terms of paying for our rackmounted server.

However as the server is hosted in an America data centre the company are under little if any actual legal obligation to those inside the UK. Our very kind hosts have agreed that if we can catch up a bit they will ignore any influences wishing to see us removed from the web. Indeed going forward they will happily tell them to apply to an American court if any person wants to silence us.

While this means that the good grace and extremely generous leeway we used to enjoy is a touch shorter than it once was it does mean that we can work towards coming back online in short order.

Expect to see us return in full force this month.

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UKIP assault bystander in front of Police

Cllr Driver captured the moment that UKIP’s thugs assaulted a protester in full view of the police. Watch on the right the guy in the black beany as the thug puts his elbow into the man’s throat and pushes him back a good three of four foot.

That’s what caused the flair up from the protesters right there. There’s no need for that sort of violence ever. I hope the gent presses charges.

Click here if the embedded video fails to load

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Angry protests at UKIP meeting in Thanet

Despite what the “regular” press have been reporting this protest does appear to have been largely peaceful.

It seems quite clear from this video that this was not a singular protest but the presence of several groups outraged by UKIP’s policies.

Take a look at the faces of the police officers and tell me that those boys are not having a really crap day. They clearly don’t especially want to be there and I get the impression that some of them feel a degree of sympathy towards the sentiments of the protesters.

One has to wonder just how many foot patrols could have been made were these boys in blue not forced to protect a deeply unpopular political party. How many crimes went unsolved in order to have our coppers standing arround in the cold so a few overpaid tory wannabes could have a meeting?

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The truth about Nigel Farage’s clash with protesters in Margate.

It’s about time we got some better reporting. By better I mean not the one sided crap that we have been seeing of late. This blogger gives us a perspective that the regular press don’t seem to want to talk about.


There has been a lot in the news yesterday about UKIP leader Nigel Farage being hit on the head by a protester, with the real facts of the incident not being reported. This is due to lies being spread in the media by UKIP about what happened. The idea for the protesters attendance was largely for those people to show their dissatisfaction with the comments and policies of UKIP. None of the protesters were looking to hurt Nigel Farage.

When I heard he was going to attend I went with my camera to film the events. It was my goal to hopefully gain his reaction to some questions and use the footage on my youtube channel. It is important to the freedom of speech in this country that people report the news themselves via the internet to stop this type of lying being done by politicians. The crowd were not one…

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Hello world!

I created this blog mainly to make sure that no one else claimed the Thanet Star name.

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